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Glass Swing Doors? We got you covered!

Back in the day, our ancestors used to spend a lot of time outdoors. On their feet, running here and there. Today, we spend most of our time in a cubicle, hunched behind a computer screen five days a week or even more! Since we spend most of our time at our offices, why not make them healthy and pleasant, right? We’ve talked about the benefits of sunlight and how it greatly affects productivity in our offices. We’ve also talked about how sliding glass doors are perfect for space saving and making your rooms shine bright like a diamond! However, there will be times that the usual hinge door is needed as a requirement for your projects. Does that mean we have to settle with the boring, old, bulky hinge doors? Of course not! The Sliding Door Company has a wide range of interior glass door solutions and one of them are classic glass swing doors.

Check out this infographic that we made:

Daylight and Productivity

Yes they’re classic just a tad bit better! How else would we do it, right? These Glass Swing Doors are perfect for letting the light flow in naturally in your homes and even in your offices. You can choose whatever glass finish you need for your requirements. That’s the great thing about having our own production floor, we can customize your doors up to the tinniest bit of specification that you need. With Sliding Door Company, you are getting the best fit solution with the best technology available out there. And did we mention it looks so darn good?

clear glass swing door

You can get any glass swing door in the market, but what makes ours so special? As the leader in glass interior solutions, we are always a cut above the rest. Every swing door set-up we install is a custom solution fit to the specific needs of our clients. The photo above presents our classic swing door with TSDC sleek casing. Need a more modern, minimalist feel? We can do away with the case and have the glass stand out even more.

So what makes our swing doors even more special than the usual options out in the market? Well, the top hinge & bottom pivot creates a gorgeous uninterrupted view of the panel. We are all about efficiency and aesthetics. We want your offices to be smooth flowing and pleasing to the eyes as well. Notice how the light flows freely in the room. Perfect balance between privacy and openness can be achieved in your workspaces with a little help from glass swing doors, for sure!

loft swing doors

glass swing doors

You can also use these sleek glass swing doors at home. Say you have a pantry in your kitchen. Instantly upgrade it with a classy double swing door.

Below is another example of how you can add a little more zazz to your kitchen. This frosted glass swing door keeps the excitement levels up a notch when you’re trying to cook a surprise spread for your family. The feel is modern, sleek and just beautiful.

Our glass swing doors can also be customized and be configured with our LockItTron keyless technology! Click this link to find out more.

Other features? Here you go:

  • 5 mm thick tempered glass or 7 mm thick laminated glass
  • Choose single door or double door for a french-door look
  • Lets light flow from one room to another
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Elegant locks and handles selection
  • ADA compliant accessories are available

Below are the elegant locks and handles available for you to choose from.