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Since 2005, when The Sliding Door Company was incorporated in the United States, we have built incredible relationships worldwide, and experienced thousands of installations, including projects for Starbucks, Hilton, Marriott, Gensler, HP, We Work, Petco and Lenscrafters and many others.

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Direct to you

We control the processes from beginning to end including all protocols at the factory to ensure consistent output. This way, you get factory direct pricing, without extra fees for a middle man. We test our products more than 10,000 times before launch. That level of quality is unmatched and relates to why we have so many happy and repeat clients.

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Patented design

We ensure safety and quality through the technology behind our patented design, all while maintaining the ability to be modular. Our sliding doors are the only ones in the world with the wheel mechanism mounted vertically. In addition to providing strength, structure, and safety, our Wheel-To-TrackTM locking mechanism ensures your panels won’t come off their tracks.

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A limitless selection of frame finishes and glass opacities makes it easy to match your décor and functionality. In addition to our design and CAD teams, we have a graphics team that can help you realize your wildest dreams. The majority of companies sell what they have in stock, while the products we offer are custom-made to meet your needs. Our orders are tailored to your taste and preference, according to your specifications.

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Our products are built to last, from the first cut of glass to the final accessories and design touches. That’s why we back them with a 5-year warranty. The glass and aluminum interior door solutions are virtually maintenance-free and retain their shape forever. As the years go by, and while other products may come and go, you will never see a change in quality or shape.

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Our company constantly innovates to meet the needs, wants, and trends in the industry. Many of our clients return to us because we pay close attention to what they want. Every year, we consistently develop new products that assist residential and commercial consumers in solving their space planning challenges.

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Cleanest lines

Each product represents a clean, sleek design that can be used in any room of the house or inside any business, from modern to rustic to transitional to traditional. There is no need to worry about the products not fitting your style or not working for you.

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Tried & tested

In order to ensure our clients get exactly what they ordered, with best-in-class quality, on time, every time, we use robotics to test every solution before it is launched to the market; we audit our procedures and improve them throughout the process. From factory to field, we deliver consistent quality.

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We strive to be an environmentally friendly company. Our Executive Team is dedicated to ensuring zero waste upon installation, maintaining a factory free from hazardous materials, and adhering to the highest possible standards. Natural light and materials used to improve their durability are two of the many LEED points that can be obtained with our products.

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Earning your trust

We strive to earn your trust in every step of our business. It is our goal to make you feel comfortable and secure when you choose The Sliding Door Company for your business or home. As a company, we aim to deliver best-in-class products and provide excellent customer service across our sales, engineering, and distribution departments.